Monday, May 28, 2012


We went for your well-check the day after your birthday, (because it was brother's last day at MDO & much easier with only 1 child).  You have been teething like it's going out of style.  Poor baby has had a rough go of it, but I think the end is in sight.  At least for now.  Aside from some fussing with that, you are in perfect health!  You now weigh 20lbs, 6oz.  (A far cry from your 5lbs at birth!)  You are 27.8" tall. Petite.  As we expected.  You're starting to eat more & more real foods now.  Like I mentioned previously, you are walking.  As soon as you realized you could, you took off!  It's so fun to watch you waddle around with your hands up in the air.  I just want to squeeze you all the time.  And I do.  

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