Monday, May 28, 2012


Georgia is a year old!  May 23, 2011 marked the day my baby girl came into the world and changed it forever.  The baby girl who hung on through mommy's CT scan & surgery, in her earliest days of life;  who came a few weeks early because she couldn't wait to meet her big brother; who sat with me in the hall of the hospital on her 2nd night, as tornadoes blew through town; who twirls her little footsies around & around whenever she's sitting down; who no longer wants to sit down, because she's walking EVERYWHERE; who shies away from strangers (and sometimes loved ones) and buries her head in mommy's neck; who wakes up smiling every morning; who loves to laugh; who calls out "dada!" whenever he walks in the door; who loves being read to; who cuddles with her baby dolls; who I love watching grow.

You have already blessed me beyond measure, Georgia Cate.  I'm so incredibly thankful for you and what you've brought to our family.  I hope one day you have children of your own, so you'll understand how deep & wide & vast my love is for you.

Happiest of Birthdays, Georgia!

sleeping in on her big day

brother saying, "Happy Birt-day Gee-Gia!"

opening presents

loving on her new baby

birthday dinner

my babies

happy girl!

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