Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well today was our last chance to try to see ICE! at the Gaylord with my sister & her boys, before she goes back to work. Luckily Levi was feeling better & we decided to brave the cold. (As in 9 degrees!) And the lines. And the holding of the baby while wearing a parka & carrying a baby on the inside. Probably not my best decision - to try to do this without Matt. But, it was worth it just for the photos. Levi reminded me of ET when they dressed him up & he was trying to walk around. His coat touched the ground when he was standing up, and his little arms didn't even reach half the length of the sleeves. It was quite humorous. Although extremely tiring trying to hold him through most of the display. We pretty much raced through it & caught a few pics. The boys seemed to enjoy it though. Levi was smiling the whole time. It was pretty amazing - all of those Peanuts characters carved out of ice.

Maybe next year we'll just take our swimsuits to the Gaylord & take a dip in their pool instead.

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Ryan, Stephanie, Sam and Buster said...

Wasn't it cool?! But I agree--not returning until Sam can walk on his own in that big coat...holy moly they get heavy fast!