Monday, January 3, 2011


New Year's Eve. It just doesn't have all the hype/anticipation it once did. Which is ok. My awesome husband made surprise dinner reservations for us HERE. A four course spread, perfect table for two, and complimentary hats & crowns. I had a little difficulty getting through dinner... partially due to the baby induced nausea that's still around, and partially due to the EXTREMELY LOUD TALKER sitting at the table next to us. It was very unnerving. And he seemed to be the only one at the table who was allowed to speak. Made for some serious side glances between us, but we tried as best we could, to tune him out.

The best part of the night? Besides the alone time... being home & in bed before 10pm.
Glad I'm not hung up on actually seeing the stroke of midnight anymore.
Especially because the house awoke at about 6:30am the next morning.
It was a lazy, nap-filled, black-eyed-pea soup eating day.
Complete with our Horned Frogs winning the Rose Bowl!

Happy New Year!
It's going to be a great one-one!

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