Wednesday, February 17, 2010


They say doctors make the worst patients. I think builders' wives probably make the worst remodeling clients. Or maybe it's just type A personalities, who like things neat & orderly. In the next couple of days, this wall will be coming down. It will open up our living and kitchen areas & I know I will LOVE IT - once it's finished. Yesterday they did the electrical work to get ready for the demolition. That was nothing, and already the house was a mess. We'll be spending the day on Friday at my parent's house so as to not breath in any unnecessary crud. God help us all when we return.


Ryan, Stephanie, Sam and Buster said...

So fun! Can't wait to see the finished project!

Carissa Byers said...

Yay! Can't wait to see.

lisa montgomery said...

Oh we'll be having a party once it's complete - trust me!