Tuesday, February 16, 2010

6 month check-up... at 7 months

So, since I quit work, we had to switch to Cobra. Which you would think would be easy enough... same plan, same participants, same ID#. But for whatever reason, it takes an act of congress & 1/2 a million dollars for it to become effective. So, we're finally all covered & proven worthy enough, and we were able to take Levi in for his 6 month visit. He is (finally) on the 'normal' curve for weight! As of now, he's 15lbs, 3oz. AND, he has officially sprouted a tooth! Luckily for us, it only warranted about a days worth of fussing. For a baby who never really fusses, it was awful. It's clearly hard work getting those things to come out! He's been eating baby food like a champ, so we'll start on three meals a day. Before you know it, he'll be drinking coffee & asking for the car keys.
I love you big boy,


Carissa Byers said...

He's huge!

And so freaking cute!

We are doing the 6 month appointment at almost 7 months too. :) No teeth yet for us!

lisa montgomery said...

We'll have to have a play date soon! Haven't seen Margot in too long. (Or you!)