Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New Us

Well, it's been a little quiet around here lately.  Not sure if anyone really notices (besides my FIL - thanks Royce!).  The reason is, well... life #1.
#2 is, I've started a new website to accompany my growing photography business.  

It's something I fell into & have loved every minute of.  I'm hoping to continue learning & growing so that once our kiddos are in school full-time, it can be a more full-time work opportunity for me.  I'm thankful for a loving husband & financial situation that make this possible.  

I hope to continue updating here occasionally with family related news.  It's a good personal keepsake of our life events.  Christmas time was really busy with photo shoots, so now I need to go back & upload my own family's Christmas photos.  Until then… check out the new website & spread the word!  Thanks to all my friends and family who have already made this a rewarding journey.

Happy New Year Y'all!


Brandi Tooker said...

Oh how I love that pic of Kendall. I had a canvas made. :)

lisa m said...

Aw, I love it too! Can't believe how big she is now!