Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Happenings

It's been a bit of a whirlwind last few days!  Sweet Levi had his 1st trip to the ER.  Something I'd hoped we could postpone a while, but I guess it was inevitable.  He was playing at a friend's house, standing on an ottoman & fell back, hitting his head on a table.  I'm not gonna lie… there was blood.  Lots of it.  Thankfully we were with some good friends who totally helped us through the situation.  Georgia stayed there while I ran Levi up to the ER & met daddy.  He was walking around & wanting to play by the time we got there.  I think I was more shaken up than he was.  It took some cleaning up & one staple & we were done!  So grateful it wasn't worse.
He was running around enjoying his 1st soccer game the next day!

tiny patient

2 days after! amazing.

so happy! even in the cold!

This weekend was also the photography workshop I had been waiting for, for a few months now.  
It. Was. Awesome.  

It was inspiring being with so many creative women & entrepreneurs.  Not the least of which was Sue Bryce.  Her keynote speech was full of helpful tips on what has made her incredibly successful.  One of the most touching points for me, was hearing her say, not to worry about being the best out there.  There will always be someone better than you.  Just be the best you can be for your clients.  They're hiring you for a reason.  Capture those moments the best way you know how.  Improvement will come.  Don't worry about not being good enough.  Just do it.  
I needed to hear that.

Another amazing part of the day was listening to & meeting Kelle Hampton.

If you haven't read Bloom, I suggest you do.  If you haven't checked out her blog, I suggest you do. One of her strong messages was, don't try so hard to create the most perfect, most beautiful image.  Look for the beauty in the everyday, ordinary, mundane things.  In a photography world that likes props & staging the forced happy smiling faces, I liked this statement a lot.  Some of the most beautiful photographs are the ones where the subject doesn't even know you're taking their picture.  

It was a day filled with new information and instruction, lots of emotion, new people, and new goals. 
I'm excited about what the future holds.
Stay tuned!

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Jennifer Christy said...

How scary. I'm glad Levi is okay!