Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vacation Time!

We did it! We survived enjoyed our 1st family vacation.  It was a blast.  Maybe not as relaxing as vacations in the past, but definitely worthwhile.  The kids had their 1st plane ride & did pretty well.  Georgia was a little restless, but overall they did great.  It was a pretty smooth travel day, really.  In & out of the airport in a couple hours, in the rental car for about 30 min & we were at the beach!  My family had been to Sandestin when we were kids & it was just as I remembered it.  The whitest, softest sand & the bluest, clearest water, for as far as the eye could see.  Several people we talked to said they've traveled all over & always come back to this beach because it's the prettiest they've ever seen.  The weather was perfect & since we waited until October to go, it wasn't too crowded.  Georgia was fearless.  Levi was a little more timid when it came time for the ocean.  He loved playing in the sand & meeting new friends every day.  Georgia loved strolling the beach & saying "HI!" to everyone who would look her way.  Which, was pretty much every person we passed. Who can resist a baby in a bikini.  We will definitely be going back here.  We had a whole week of fun in the sun & were sad to leave.  But so happy everyone had a nice time & are now looking forward to our next vacation.  Maybe the mountains this time?

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