Thursday, April 12, 2012

Big Week

We started off with a sick baby.  She's definitely on the mend, but had a throat infection that I'm afraid big brother gave her.  I didn't even realize that's what he had had, until we took her to the doctor & he started asking me if Levi had been feeling well.  Well, there was the 1 day of fever, and him complaining of his tongue hurting.  :(  Didn't occur to me that it could be his throat.  
Now I know.  And hopefully baby girl will be back to her normal happy self soon.

giving herself kisses

still happy, even when she's sick

We've been spending more time outside.  Sidewalk chalk-ing more specifically.  The Easter Bunny brought Levi some egg shaped chalk & it's been a hit.  

And here's Levi enjoying his snack one day.  He took a bite of his pretzel & said it was a bugle & started 'playing' it.  Love it.  Love that his imagination is coming alive.  Love that he's into instruments & music & make believe.  Love him.

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