Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Time

I think I anticipate & enjoy the holidays even more now that we have children.  It takes it to a new level.  We've been introducing Levi to what Christmas is about, and trying to lead by example.  It's made the whole season more meaningful for me.  We were able to enjoy time with our little family, and our extended family during this special holiday.  We're so grateful to have our families nearby and for all the love & generosity they extend to us all throughout the year.  My hope is that I can remember to bring Christ into my daily life more & more - on a continual basis… not just when I'm reminded by the tree in our living room, or a song on the radio.  All I need for a reminder are the beautiful babies in our house, and all beautiful souls surrounding us.  
Here's to you & yours.  Merry Christmas!

Levi's new percussion instruments

Waiting patiently for dinner at Aunt Melissa's

Beautiful decorations

Papa entertaining Georgia

Working on his tools

Resting amidst all the commotion 

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