Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we were able to have a (somewhat) relaxing morning, opening presents, having yummy monkey bread for breakfast, and enjoying playing Santa for our kiddos.  Then we packed up & headed out to my parents'.  All the way in Irving.  The boy cousins joined us, as well as Uncle Greg & we had an amazing lunch, and even more fun playing Santa.  When we were growing up, Santa would call us every year at Christmas time.  I never knew it was my PaPa, until after he'd passed away.  I hope my kids inherit some of my gullible-ness.  I like to call it trusting.  This year my dad got to play Santa & call all the boys.  His Ho-Ho-Ho-ing got the best of him at times & he broke out in laughter… but Levi was none the wiser.  
He believes Santa called him on Christmas Eve.  
As I hope he continues to believe for a very, very long time.

All his new pals.  Including his beloved guitar spatula.
Some kids take blankies to bed.  Levi takes his spatulas.  

Happy baby

It was a Toy Story Christmas!

And a musical one!  We're starting our family band soon.


We even managed a family photo.  Kind of.

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