Sunday, July 10, 2011

'Two' Much Fun With Caillou!

This weekend we had something big to celebrate! Our baby boy turned two.
Before our birthday party, we had chocolate chip waffles for breakfast!

Then it was time to celebrate!

I'm sure as a mom, this is something I will say every year… but really? Where did the past year go? (Oh yeah… I was busy making GC & keeping up with a toddler.) But this weekend was all about LEVI! We had our family over for a small party on Saturday morning. In keeping with one of Levi's favorites, the party was all things Caillou. That, along with his cousins coming to play, was all he needed. Throw in some cake & new toys, & he thought he'd won the lottery!


Levi & Paul

Levi & MeMe

Yummy cake!

Levi's new picnic table from MeMe & PaPa

Playing with his new water table from Nana & Papa

Hubba Hubba

We're so blessed to have such an amazing & overwhelming love in our lives. I can't imagine how I found fulfillment before my kids came along.
God has blessed us beyond measure.

Georgia taking a break from the action.

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby! I love you!

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Anonymous said...

He is the cutest thing ever! Happy Birthday Levi! (a little late) Sandra