Sunday, May 29, 2011

Miss Georgia Cate

She's here!

It started Sunday night, when we dropped Levi off at his buddy Sam's house. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30am on Monday, so it was nice having Levi well taken care of. They had such a great time together & I had peace of mind.

Then it was off to dinner for Matt & I. We had a yummy pizza at Grimaldi's. We kept talking about the 'last times'. This is the last night Levi will be an only child. This is the last dinner we'll have alone for a while. The last night's sleep we'll get for who knows how long…. etc. Of course we couldn't stop thinking about the 'firsts' either. The 1st time we see her, the 1st time Levi meets her, the 1st time she asks Matt if she can buy something. haha

Next up - hospital check-in! It's a strange thing, knowing exactly when you'll deliver. Just the anticipation & the wondering is enough to drive you crazy. All the what if's start running through your mind. I'm not very good with hospitals & being the patient. Throw in a high risk pregnancy & I was a little anxious, to say the least. I completely trust my doctors so I had no doubt that it was time to have her. In fact, it was a good call on their parts, because once my doc went in to get her, I hardly had any fluid left. And the prayer we've been repeating for months now was answered. She was perfectly healthy & beautiful.

She was born at 8:06am, weighing five pounds even & measured 18 inches long. Another little peanut - but bigger than her brother weighed at birth!

The 2nd night at the hospital was memorable, thanks to Mother Nature. My mom was (thankfully) staying with me at night & that's the only way I made it through this night. The weather here has been crazy lately. Just as we were getting settled in for the night, (as much as one can settle at a hospital), we were asked to come sit out in the hallway. No time to grab personal belongings. Just get your purse if it's nearby & the nurse will get the bassinet. So we, along with the rest of the floor, were sitting outside our rooms, waiting on news of a possible tornado. There were poor mommies who had obviously just given birth, who were wheeled out in their beds. Luckily I could sit up in a chair at this point. All I could think about - besides our safety - was that of Matt & Levi back at home. Matt had gotten Levi out of bed & sat with him in the bathtub. Luckily, Levi thought it was a fun game & wasn't even phased.

To add to the stress, my brother & sister were out at the Ranger game, where the storms were also bad. They were taken to the tunnels at the ballpark to wait it out. Thankfully it passed without much more than some hail damage. After about an hour, and a lot of tears, we were told we could go back to our rooms.

Before we were discharged, Matt & I enjoyed our 'celebration meal', with compliments from the hospital. It was so nice to have a table, complete with white linens, delivered to our room for the two of us. Matt had a steak & I had lobster ravioli! Add in some lady fingers with berries, & tiramisu, & I was in heaven.

I'm so thankful for all of our doctors & nurses & their wisdom. I felt completely taken care of throughout the whole process. From the very 1st nurse, who let me crush her hand as I was getting the epidural, to the last nurse who wheeled us to the car. I owe the doctors a debt of gratitude & will be forever thankful for them.

Now we're all home together & getting settled in. When you're not able to bring your first baby home with you when you leave the hospital, it seems just that much sweeter when you can with your 2nd. Georgia has already been such a blessing to us, at only 6 days old. I cant wait to watch her & Levi grow up together. Now our little family seems complete.


Ryan, Stephanie, Sam and Buster said...

Welcome back to the blogging world sweet mama! She is perfectly precious!! Sam's begging for another playdate so let us know when you are ready :)

Sarah said...

She is perfection!

Andrew Williams said...

Congratulations, Lisa! I can imagine how happy you must be. Uncle Greg's a pretty happy guy right now as well. He shot me an instant text--so thrilled at being an uncle again.