Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Post Baby Workout Routine


So, you've had the baby… you're settling into somewhat of a normal "routine"… and while you've shed most of those baby pounds, there is still more to be done. But who has time for the gym? Here's my simple post baby workout routine:

*NOTE: any variation of these exercises on a daily basis will maximize results.

1. Load up toddler and infant (in car seat carrier) into car.
2. Unload double stroller at desired location.
3. Unload children into double stroller.
4. Push double stroller through desired location.
5. Load two children back into car.
6. Load double stroller back into car.
7. Unload said children once back at home.
8. Lift toddler onto changing table multiple times a day for diaper changing.
9. Lift toddler into air while playing.
10. Lift toddler back into bed multiple times a day, depending on mood of toddler.
(*This exercise conveniently works into schedule twice per day, due to nap and bedtime.)
11. Occasionally forget to eat due to lack of sleep, keeping up with toddler and feeding infant.
12. Look through Athleta catalog and call it a day.


J said...

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I DO!!! We are going to be so totally hot. If we survive this lifestage... ;-)

BuddhaBelly said...

I love it Lisa! I feel that way too and I only have Cole so far. :) I will tell you that during his nap I have been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I like it b/c it is only a 20 minute work-out. I do notice a difference! I also only do it 3x /week b/c I absolutely DREAD working out. xo