Friday, June 24, 2011



Well, I thought I was ahead of the game when Georgia decided to catch up on her beauty rest last night. I was able to get a whole four straight hours of sleep! I woke up feeling like a new man. We had her newborn photos scheduled today with the lovely Carissa. There was a slight wrench thrown into the plans when Levi woke up sick. I decided it was better safe than sorry, so we went to the doctor to get him checked out. (Nothing major… just a little sore throat & cough.) So rather than keeping him at home with a babysitter while I took Georgia for her photo op, we all went - after sitting at the doctor's office for an hour. When we finally got to Carissa's, Georgia was none too happy. I fed her (again) while Levi had a photo session instead. Then we tried it again with Georgia. And again. And again. She just wasn't having it. Every time she would calm down & Carissa would pick up the camera, Georgia would start in with the wailing. It was pitiful. A couple hours later, and one hungry & tired toddler to contend with, we finally called it quits. Hoping Carissa got something we can work with. And I hope she got a nap. Lord knows I could use one.

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