Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day '11

photo not mine

We all have our gifts. Cooking is not mine. I try. I try a lot, with much effort. Oftentimes it just doesn't turn out the way I'd hoped. Example #1, the Father's Day breakfast I planned for Matt. Cinnamon roll pancakes. How delish does that sound? You can practically smell the cinnamon & cream cheese glaze in that photo, can't you? Unfortunately, mine were a soggy mess. The recipe seemed easy enough - I even used an easy pancake mix we already had - eliminating some of the steps in the recipe! Oh well. I will try them again. In the meantime, I'm lucky to have a husband who can cook yummy things like this:

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Carissa Byers said...

You are just so full of wonderful gifts they couldn't fit all the cooking in! You are awesome. And those cinnamon roll pancakes do look amazing. I'm not really a sweet pancake person, but might have to try these.