Sunday, April 10, 2011

Munchies & Music

We had a rare & much needed, date night last night. We started off with dinner at St. Ann Restaurant & Bar. It is a converted school building & also houses a museum. Walking in, I had high hopes. The atmosphere is great. They have a huge outdoor patio & bar area, the decor indoors is unique & appealing as well. Only glitch was, we were told it would be an 8 minute wait & 40 minutes later, we sat down to our table. We couldn't understand what the issue was since there were plenty of open tables, but I guess without reservations we had to wait for the sake of waiting. Regardless, I'd go back - just earlier in the evening, & with time to spare. (Or with a reservation.)

Next on the agenda was a concert by Cary Pierce at Rock House Films. I like seeing live music at this venue because it's so intimate. Only about 100 people there. Although we were a tad late, I was lucky to find a seat (thanks to my sweet hubby for procuring it) and I was able to sit down in the back. Right next to the restroom. The only way this pregnant lady can do it these days. Cary is/was part of the duo Jackopierce, who we saw a hundred times back when he was at SMU & we were at TCU. They played on campus, at parties, at local bars, all the time. So seeing him again brings back great memories. He has an incredible voice & an even bigger love for his God & family, which is refreshing. Plus he's got a great sense of humor & stage presence, so it makes the show that much more fun.

All in all, great night & great way to kick off our birthday week.

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