Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coming Together

So there are some things I may be a little OCD about. The cleanliness/organization of my home is one. So it's been a tad difficult for me lately, as we are in the process of rearranging rooms to make room for the baby. I've slowly been gathering the necessary items… mostly for Levi, since he'll be in the 'new' bedroom. But I did (finally) get Georgia's bedding in. (YAY!)

I've also completed a couple artsy projects for her room. Now if we can just get the internet into our bedroom, and get to painting, then hopefully we can move the big boy into his big room in a few weeks. (We do have to take some time off for birthday celebrations.) I hope Levi likes his new digs as much as I've enjoyed planning them. Same goes for GC.
(Who by the way, is only about 8 weeks away from being here!)

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Sarah said...

Love love love the bedding!!