Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bits & Pieces

I realize I haven't posted nearly as many sono pics of GC as I did of Levi. Mostly because we haven't gotten super clear shots when we've been. But, I thought I'd share the one from today…

(You can see her profile, nose up - in the bottom, right portion.)

We had another good visit today. Georgia is measuring well & growing & already weighs 3lbs, 14oz. Which is 14oz more than Levi weighed when he was born. Crazy to think about. Also crazy to think about how I delivered him at 34 weeks - which would be next week for this one! Thankfully if she continues at the rate she's going, we'll be able to make it to her due date. She'll still be on the small side, but with any luck at all, won't require any time in the NICU - which was my biggest fear, after experiencing that the first time. It was truly one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. But - all is well & positive thinking from here on!

In other news, we had our families over this past weekend to celebrate our birthdays. I didn't take many photos unfortunately. Not as much of a priority when it's your day, I suppose. But I did get a new lens for my camera, which I can't WAIT to try out. Especially with the new baby. Hoping to get some Easter shots with Levi soon too.

Until then… enjoy a couple random pics!

trying sunflowerbutter as a styling product

another (cleaner) mealtime pic

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