Sunday, March 27, 2011


My sister & I have been trying to plan a day together since Christmas. We finally found a reasonable spa to get our nails done, that had two openings together. It was well worth the wait! Cold Water Creek in Southlake was relaxing & pampering & friendly. I've never had a pedicure where I was fully reclined in a comfy chair. (Although it did look a little similar to a gyno appointment, it felt nothing like that, I assure you.) All I did was close my eyes & let Fathima do her thing. Then we went for a quick bite before my manicure. I opted for the shellac polish. Hoping it will stand up to its name. With a 1 ½ year old, a regular manicure is hardly worth the money anymore. It 'should' last 2-4 weeks. Report forthcoming.

Very thankful for some time with my sis.

(Word to the wise - stay away from 114 between 121 & Southlake for a while. What is typically a 40 min drive, took me three hours to get home. Not exaggerating.)

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