Friday, March 25, 2011

So Georgia Cate has been moving like a Mexican jumping bean lately. And my dreams have followed suit. Last night, after laying awake for three hours, I finally fell into a deep sleep & just before I woke, I dreamt that as I lifted up the covers, there she was! GC laying on my stomach, awake, smiling & full head of hair. She had a silk bag attached to her arm, with all the hospital ID, papers & baby soaps/lotions. I was so startled to find her there & to realize she had already come out - all on her own! I had to double check my tummy when I was fully conscious. It was that real. Too bad it's not that easy.

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The Dercks said...

I had the craziest dreams about Grace while I was pregnant with her! This time I've just had crazy dreams. In general. Very bizarre dreams. :)