Monday, March 7, 2011


We had a fun birthday celebration for my dad's 65th at The Dream Cafe yesterday. It's a very kid-friendly place, which is nice when you have 3 kiddos, three & under. There was another birthday boy at the table next to us. He was turning two. They asked us whose birthday it was (I guess the balloons gave it away) & we all kind of chuckled when we said 'it's PaPa's!'. He's not turning two.


if the heavens and the sky were one and the stars and sand made up the sun

if the wind in the trees poured love inside the leaves
and the leaves blew across the seas to every land
and one by one the leaves would drop from the sky spilling love on every step of soil and
every splash of water, every inch of rock and wood

everything together would be good

if when the rains fell the mud would turn to gold
but only with a family's love would it's true value hold

if the lightning that flashed would charge the love that is faint
because the world would not breathe with love's slightest restraint

if the clouds would part when the sun rose again and it's simple shedding of light and
warmth could comfort the dying and bring the pain to an end and by virtue of spirit and love
the world would be whole again

if all this and so much more could one family's love achieve

the family in my name would surely succeed

~Greg Moses

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Andrew Williams said...

A nice post, Lisa---and finally got a glimpse of "Butch", whom I've heard of for so many years now. (Hope that man knows how much his kids love him---I'm sure he must.) Also great to read Greg's verse. He's such a capable writer, in so many formats.