Thursday, March 4, 2010

more firsts...

We had our mommy/baby group this morning at Courtney & Henry's house. I'm so thankful to all these moms for opening their homes to us. Looking forward to when we're able to do the same. Also looking forward to enjoying the parks & Arboretum & other outdoor places together soon. We're definitely ready for springtime. (Hence the palm tree pants today.)
We came home for lunch, afterwhich Levi enjoyed his 1st teething biscuit. Most of it ended up on his shirt & all around his mouth. Then he dropped it on the floor for the dogs. ha
He's starting to look more & more little boy-ish & less newborn-ish. I just want to capture all I can these days.
Almost 8 months old! AAAHGHGHGH!

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