Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DMA love

Today we went to the DMA for their Free First Tuesdays program, cause laundry can wait & remodeling woes can get a girl down. They had interactive storytime (for all those active toddlers) and a big craft table (for the older crafty kiddos) and puppets and of course, art. I think Levi enjoyed his first museum trip. Thankfully, because it won't be the last. I want a well rounded kiddo, no? He's been to a movie, a soccer game, the museum, church. Next up... monster truck rally.


Anonymous said...

Gage actually went to the monster truck rally last Sat. It was a big surprise from his Dad! He loved it. Thank goodness, he also likes museums! Sandra

lisa montgomery said...

haha. that's hilarious. i was trying to think of the most far-fetched thing i could.