Monday, March 1, 2010

3 Day Walk

I'm reposting this for a friend.... please think of all the women and girls in your life & consider donating.

I'm not a runner.

The thing is, I walk all the time... you know, to and from the car... so how hard can it be?

A couple months ago, one of my closest friends was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer.
Kristen is better than me in almost every way - nicer than me, smarter, more organized, eats right, cares about people, exercises, is great at her job, has a really cool kid (okay, we're pretty evenly matched there).

Right now, Kristen is busy fighting the fight against breast cancer. But Kristen started a 3-Day team called Chicago or Bust, so that in a few months time, we will walk the walk together, in the hopes that the money we raise will find the cure.

I want to walk for my friend Kristen, for my family, my sisters, my girlfriends and for a cure. I want to do my part to stop breast cancer.

Please click here to donate.

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