Friday, January 22, 2010

Wonder Woman vs. Pretty Good Woman

I'm a list maker. I come by it naturally. My dad keeps a 2"X2" piece of paper in his pocket on which to take notes at any given time. Mom has a typed list of the menu on hand whenever we have big family dinners. My lists as of late, have changed drastically. They used to be comprised of things like: names of children who needed to be assessed before their 6th birthday; names of teachers I needed to conference with; therapy materials I needed to purchase; therapy plans listed by group; paperwork to complete before a parent meeting. Now my daily list is more like: laundry; dishes; grocery store (in need of its own list); sweep/mop floor (due to dog #1 & #2 who make this a daily necessity); mommy group time; read; work on scrapbook; make dinner. There are days when I can cross off everything from my list. Those are good days. I feel productive... like I'm doing my part. Then there are days in which the only item I can cross off is 'take care of baby'. Sometimes I feel inadequate. It's those days that have to remind myself that I have still accomplished a lot. I mean, I'm taking care of another human being who is totally dependent on me!
I think even Wonder Woman would agree.


Jennifah said...

Inadequate? Not at all! You are doing the most important job in the world.

It's funny...I feel awful for being at work and not being at home with my baby. Like I am not doing enough. I can't even remember the last time I did my OWN laundry. Mopping the floors? Forget about it. I am hoping my MIL will do that for me when she gets here on Saturday. haha.

We are all just doing what we can I suppose. But we are definitely doing enough!

lisa montgomery said...

Thanks J... I think you're right. And I totally feel your pain being back at work. Those 6 weeks or so I was back, were torture. But you're doing what's best for your family. Little P will appreciate you for it. ;)
Looking forward to seeing you gals! xoxo
(And when you're MIL is done at your place, will you send her over?!)