Friday, December 25, 2009


Baby - it's your first Christmas & guess what?! It snowed! In Texas! On Christmas! Do you know how rare that is? Well, no I guess you don't.... but trust me... it almost NEVER happens. It was so fun to see... although not so much fun to drive in. We spent Christmas Eve with your Aunt Melissa & Uncle Perry & your girl cousins & MeMe & Papa. We had a wonderful dinner & you were so sleepy, but did not want to miss out on any of the excitement. You woke up Christmas morning to find out that Santa had come to visit. We'll have to cover that part again later... but Daddy & I took turns opening all the gifts we got for you. Hehe. Neither one of us could resist. Nor could your aunts & uncles & grandparents. We'll have to clean out your closet to make room! We spent Christmas day with Uncle Greg, Aunt Val, Uncle Joe, Paul, James, Nana & PaPa. I can't wait until you're right in the mix of things with your cousins. Paul is so sweet with you. I know he'll watch out for you when you're all older & getting into trouble. It was so fun seeing all the gifts for the babies & all their excitement - well, our excitement for them. Everyone was so generous. Levi has lots to keep him busy & warm now! I love this time of year... even more now that you're here to celebrate with us. A lot can change in a year baby. This time last year we were celebrating the idea of you. Now you're actually here & I can't imagine my life without you.

I love you baby. Thanks for making this the best Christmas ever.

See more pics here.

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