Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Time

Levi met Santa for the very first time tonight! He was fairly unimpressed actually. I was hoping for more of a reaction, but what have you. It was his bedtime (hence the happy face 3rd picture). We did get some great shots with his cousins - in matching outfits no less! (Thanks to Joe's mom!) It definitely puts a new spin on Christmas, having some little ones around. Brings it back full circle I guess. Of course earlier in the season I told someone I wasn't going to waste time/money wrapping presents for Levi, which he obviously couldn't open, and would have much the same reaction to as he did to Santa. But of course, I caved. It's his 1st Christmas! He's my son! He HAS to have presents under the tree too! And, continuing on with a tradition my mom started with us, he will also have some new Christmas pj's to wear. Oh my goodness this is fun.

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