Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pun'kin Time

The whole fam went to the Arboretum to celebrate Aunt Val's birthday today. It was a beautiful day to be there. All the pumpkins were out for fall. So was half of DFW. I think everyone had been feeling a little cooped up with all the rain & took advantage of the bright, sunshiny day. We had cake & pressies & lots of baby pics. It's so fun watching the cousins start to interact with each other. Paul is so gentle with the babies. Before long they'll all be chasing each other around. For now, Levi's happy chasing zzz's.


Ryan, Stephanie, Sam and Buster said...

Hi Lisa- I'm enjoying your blog! So glad you joined us this week at Square One! Hope your week is going well with Levi!

Brandi Tooker said...

Levi is super cute! I need to go to the pumpking patch with Will! Good to see you today at Square One! Brandi