Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Team Montgomery

Let me just start by saying, I have the best husband in the universe. I know I don't tell him that often enough. He's been incredibly strong and caring and patient and loving and accepting and encouraging - through ALL of this. The bed rest & the crying & the early delivery & the emergency C-section & the baby in NICU & our 1 year anniversary spent in the hospital & the crying & & & &. I would have been committed 8 months ago to a life in a lovely, yet restrictive, little white jacket, had it not been for him. He's taken charge when I needed him to. He's held me while I cried. He's made me laugh. He's prayed with me. He's poured all the love any one person can muster, into that little baby we made together. And he still has enough for me. So when you see him, give him a high-five.
We just sit together & watch little Levi in awe. We both waited so long for each other & for him. Now we're a trio.


Anonymous said...

What a joy to see little Levi. Lots of love and "grow quickly" wishes from his Aunty Pat on the other side of the world. XXOOXX

Kristen said...

Love to all the Montgomerys! Levi is just adorable! Can't believe that after 13 years I still remember those days in the hospital. I know its hard but soon enough he will be ready to come home to mommy and daddy. The staff in the NICU is amazing. They love those little ones as if they were their own. Keep us posted on his progress.
Love the Wards!

Joel said...

Congratulations Lisa and Matt and welcome little Levi. You're a tiny fella but strong. A winning combination.
Love Michelle, Joel, Ruby and Baby bump #2

Cynthia said...

That made me get teary! We're thinking of you guys and praying for baby Levi! Sounds like he's a little trooper!