Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Baby, All The Time

This blog won't always be just about baby stuff... it started out being a sort-of journal of life comments, that I could look back on later & recall what happened through the year. Then I got pregnant & all that pre-pregnancy stuff took a back seat. The highlight of my day used to be getting a mani/pedi, or a happy hour cocktail. Now, it's sitting in the NICU holding Levi for however long I can. We got some great news today though... he'll be off of his IV this afternoon, which means 2 breast or bottle feedings a day! This non-granola, hotel loving, fast food eating, super shopping girl never thought I'd be so excited about breast feeding. Or pumping. Or having her boobs on display for whatever nurse or doctor or lactation specialist happened to walk in the room. But, yeah. It's the greatest thing ever. Maybe because right now it's about the only thing I can do for him. Besides pray. Which I've never done so much in my entire life. And I'm a good Catholic girl, so that should say something.


Mooreganics said...

You are forever changed...for the better, you are now a mother. Congrats! Little Levi is just adorable. It is amazing that we can create another human kids are constantly amazing me. I love being a mom.
Laura (Bartlett) Moore

Mike and Kim said...

I so agree with you! Nursing was the best gift I had to offer my boys...and when I wrapped up with Reed I can remember being so emotional about him being the last :( . As Levi ages, just wait! He'll nurse a little and then gaze up in your eyes with the biggest smile EVER...ah, it is priceless!