Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sam is 3!

This is the birthday season for many of Levi's good pals, & this weekend we had another reason to celebrate.  It was time for his other best buddy, Sam's, birthday party!
Sam's mommy, Steph, is one of those gifted party planners.  Man, did she rise to the occasion!  CARS has never been done like this!  The whole 1st floor of the house was converted to a race track.  There were cardboard replicas of each of the main characters, for the kids to step into & run around the track.  Cupcakes were on display on a big race track on the dining room table.  There were checkered flags & tee shirts & family & friends.  

We're blessed to have friends like these & to know kiddos like theirs.
Happy birthday, Sam!


Party Time Pit Crew

Everyone got in on the action!  It was intense.

Go Sam, Go!

Sam was very concerned that Grandpa was going to eat the plastic Cars ring.

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