Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm tired.

Well we are nearing the end of our summer, and I think we're all in need of a little break.  Or rather, a break from our break.  We have had some, let's say, "challenging" days due to Levi's behavior lately.  I thought we sailed through the two's, and would only have sunshiny days ahead.  Alas… I was wrong.  VERY wrong.  As in, we've had more meltdowns in his first month of being three, than we did in an entire YEAR of being two.  Not sure what it's about, aside from growing & pushing more boundaries.  But it's not fun.  I think I'm learning how to best deal with them, although in the moment it's really hard to be grace filled & compassionate.  When what I'd like to do is look around me, muttering, "who's child is that?!"

So, our fun outing today quickly turned sour.  We fell into puddles of sadness & screams in the parking lot as we were leaving Jump Street.  Which continued all the way home.  Jiggity jig.



Carissa Byers said...

Oh you are such a good momma. You are always such an example of grace and patience, even if you don't always feel like it. Little Levi is lucky to have you to cry on. :)

BuddhaBelly said...

This too shall pass! I remember when Cole went through that and I would go into my closet and curse or cry or both! :) Hang in there. Remember, it's like trying to take keys from a drunk, no amount of logic will work! :)