Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cowboy Up!

We celebrated big this weekend, with some friends & family, western style!  Levi wore his daddy's old chaps & boots.  (The vest was passed down as well, but it was a little warm out.)  The kids played & ate hot dogs & cupcakes.  I think Levi's favorite (and most anticipated) part was the singing of Happy Birthday.  He'd been waiting all week for everyone to sing, to HIM this time, and then to dive into his chocolate cupcake - with sprinkles.  Sprinkles were very important.  Birthdays are even MORE fun, now that he really understands what's going on.  And I still get choked up when we have a room full of folks, all singing happy birthday to my baby.  The day was all about him & we had a blast.  We're so blessed to have amazing family & friends surrounding us & celebrating these milestones with us. 
A special thanks to Uncle, for procuring the hay & saddle & spurs, & such, 
to make it such an authentic "ranch".
We love all y'all!


good buddies
and the cutest boys in the west

singing happy birthday along with everyone… video to follow

that face.  makes my heart swell.

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