Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Levi is three!  Can't believe it.  Every year, as is only natural, I think back on that day when the doctor told me it was time to meet him.  Not what we were expecting to hear six weeks early!  It was hard to imagine, seeing him so fragile & tiny, that he would grow into a healthy, strong little boy.  I had no idea the capacity of my heart, until I had you, Levi.  You have brought so much joy and love into our lives.  I'm thankful, beyond measure, for you, every day.  You're my sunshine & you teach me how to love those around me, unconditionally.  You make us laugh every day. You help me learn patience.  You remind me of the wonder of the small things in the world.  

We had a wonderful day, celebrating YOU!  It's so fun now that you understand what birthdays are all about.  You woke up to open your presents & after a happy birthday breakfast we met our cousins at Jump Street.  You had fun jumping & running with James & Paul, & then daddy met us all for lunch.  Now you're looking forward to your party & more fun times with family.

I love you, Levi.  Thanks for making me a mommy & being born to us.

3 pounds of miracle

new piano

candles in our waffle!

cousins climbing side by side

birthday cupcake

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