Friday, July 13, 2012


Celebrating 4 years of marriage!  Although with two kids & house renovations going on, the celebrating took on a slightly different tone this year.  Along with the house re-do, we needed some landscaping done.  So, we had a family field trip to the Japanese Maple tree farm.  It was a really neat place - beautiful trees. Levi had fun exploring.  Matt had fun talking trees with the owner.  That night, we had pizza & opened a special bottle of wine I gave Matt to commemorate the occasion.  A couple years ago I probably would have been upset we didn't have a nice dinner out somewhere. But now I'm just thankful to have our little family & our house improvements (almost) done.  
We'll have many more anniversaries to celebrate.  
Cheers to the man I couldn't imagine spending my life without.  
I love you.


koi pond at the tree farm

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Abby said...

Pizza and wine, sounds perfect to me! hehe! Hope y'all had a wonderful day together with the kiddos!