Saturday, June 2, 2012


We had a quick photo shoot in the backyard yesterday, for Georgia's 1 year pictures.  I wanted to get a couple more outfits in, but after 1 change, she was about done.  It's tough photographing a constantly moving target.  And both of my babies are constantly on the move.  I love a good challenge though.  I love this one year old even more.  Can't believe how quickly this year has gone.  I hope she continues to let me capture these moments for years to come.  These are some of my favorites that I've taken of her to date.
(You can click on the photos to see them bigger.)

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Jennifer Christy said...

Such a beautiful little girl! I remember after P's one year photo shoot, we both went home and took a three hour nap! Five outfit changes on a one year old will do that to you. ;)