Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Picnic and Play at the DMA

I've talked with several mommy friends recently about how much we used to do with our first babies.  I feel like poor Georgia sometimes gets the short end of the stick.  I've tried being more conscious about making an effort to take her to see & do more.  Laundry can wait.

Today we met our sweet friends Tara, Rosslyn & Bronwyn for Free First Tuesdays at the DMA!
They had music & story time & crafts & all kinds of fun.  Tara was the kid whisperer today.  Every little boy in the near vicinity was coming up to talk to her.  They must have sensed she was a teacher & sweet mommy.  Georgia is very curious about everything around her.  And she's fast.  She loves exploring, so I have to be ready to run whenever I put her down.  We had a great time, walking around the museum & enjoying a picnic together.  We even got to see the lady from baby bounce for a sing-a-long!  Great day with great friends.

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