Friday, December 2, 2011

Guess who we saw?!

I took the kiddos to Northpark on Wednesday, thinking we'd just chance it & see if we could sneak in a visit to Santa.  We picked up our number at 10am & the guy told me it would be a two, two ½ hour wait.  I figured I'd see how the kids did & if we made it, great.  If not, we could always try another Santa.  

We went to the train exhibit.  We saw the turtles & ducks in the pond.  We had lunch with our friend Steph!  We walked the entire mall.  I headed back after about an hour & ½ just to check & luckily for us, we walked right in.  

Levi was wide-eyed as he rounded the corner & saw Santa.  He kept waving & saying, 'Hi Santa!'.  I wasn't sure if he would be hesitant to get on Santa's lap, or not.  So I handed Georgia off to him first & then hiked Levi up on his lap & they both loved it!  Georgia even smiled at him & pulled his (real) beard. Levi wasn't too talkative, but I know he loved seeing Santa.  He's been asking to go back ever since.  

I love making these memories.

There's a great article in D mag about the NP Santa.  He's been there 23 years!
He's an educational psychology prof at UT during his 'off' time. 

Marc Robbins Photography


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