Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wine Country Dinner

So, Matt used to live in CA & is definitely in the know when it comes to traveling there (well, really anywhere).  He used to be a wine club member with Kunde, but had to give it up when he moved back to TX.  Lucky for us, we signed back up when the wine club director let us know about this members only dinner they were having the weekend we were going to be there!  It was a first for the Kunde family & it happened to be their youngest son's 21st birthday.  They chose to spend it with about 40 wine club members, on their vineyard.  It was like a scene out of a movie.  Actually, the ruins of the original winery (which is where the dinner was), were actually shot in the movie Bottleshock.  While we were enjoying some wine and hors d'oeuvres before dinner, a woman walked up & started talking to us.  She was obviously knowledgeable about the winery & we thought she worked there.  Cut to later in the evening when we were all sitting down eating & come to find out, it was Roberta 'Bert' Kunde.  She & her husband Jeff were as down to earth as they come.  Their three adult children were there as well, & obviously very close.  We enjoyed some stories about the family and the property from Jeff himself.  There was an endless flow of wine & some of the most delicious food we've ever had.  Afterwards we enjoyed their port & made s'mores by the fire.  It was a picture perfect night.  Literally.

Dunfillan Ruins

Family style tables & servings

Jeff Kunde on left

Lovely people

Commemorative bottle for being some of the oldest (longest?) wine club members.  We were beat out on a bottle for traveling the furthest distance by a woman from MI?  I forget now where she was from, (it was announced at the end of the meal), but we were one of the longest traveling members there.

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