Monday, September 19, 2011


I look so forward to weekends.  Even though I'm not working outside the home… it's just fun to know that down time for the whole family is on its way.  Although lately it seems there have been more projects than downtime.  But in a good way.  This weekend we did manage to squeeze in a date night.  Matt & I went to one of our faves, Taverna, for dinner.  It was yummy as always.  I feel like I've stepped out of Dallas & into some quaint little Italian town I've never been to, when I step into that restaurant.  Love it.  And although we needed to rush back to feed a certain little someone, it was worth it.

Matt had been hard at work that day, prepping the yard for our newly inherited swingset, which arrived (thanks to Papa) on Sunday.  
The girl cousins have outgrown it, so now Levi has some serious fun to look forward to.  
And when I say swingset, I really mean something similar to this:

(Real photos to follow.) 

Think I'll be investing in knee pads, shoulder pads & pillows.
Thanks Papa & girls!

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