Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Open House

We went to Levi's Mother's Day Out today, for their open house. We've been telling him he's going to go to 'playschool' - mostly because that's what Caillou calls it, so I knew he'd have an idea what we were talking about when we said school. He walked right in today, as if he'd been there for months. I was so happy to see him dive right in & scope out the toys. Hopefully when he goes for a full day on Thursday, it will go just as smoothly. I know he'll be happy to go back. When we left he kept saying, 'bye friends! bye playschool! see you later!'.

We had to fill out paperwork & answer questions about Levi & our family, and the last question was, what else do you want us to know about your child? Well, I'm gonna need more paper. Because I want you to know how sweet he is… how empathetic… how kind… how smart… how loving… how funny… how sensitive… how strong… and that he'll always be my precious first baby.
Man I love that kid.

checking out the toys

saying 'cheese' for his new teacher

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