Monday, August 22, 2011


We had a great dinner Saturday night with our lovely neighbors, the Walser's. Sheryl is an awesome person & friend. She stepped in to watch Levi one time when I needed an emergency trip to the hospital. Dave is amazing in his own right, and is a member of Beatlgras (who is currently taking a break). He is still playing on his own, however.

They've been needing to come visit Georgia and see Levi, and we finally got it on the schedule. They generously brought the delicious makings for brisket tacos. YUM! Matt had recently procured the recipe for Mi Co's Mambos. DOUBLE YUM! So we had a regular Mexican feast. All within the comforts of our own home, with our own music & private conversation & dancing babies & all. We are very thankful for having such loving people in our lives.

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