Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Splish Splash

We started off the week with a teething toddler. Not so fun - especially along with all the other challenges we're facing right now, but I think he's feeling better. He was pretty lethargic on Sunday & was running a fever, so we laid low & it's been better day by day. We've been pulling out his old teething ring, so he doesn't have the urge to chomp down on whatever else happens to be nearby. His appetite is still pretty low & sleeping is a little sporadic, but I can tell he isn't feeling as badly as he was over the weekend.

We (finally) got him a little splash pool for the backyard. Something to occupy our time & break up these days we're spending at home. He didn't really care about sitting in the pool, but liked the water spray coming out of the top.

Here's to more pool time soon!

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