Monday, May 9, 2011

How To

One of my projects for Levi's new room was some fabric bookshelves I had seen a picture of online & knew I wanted to try. A few people asked how, so I thought I'd post a quick 'how do you do it?' post. It was super simple. I figured out how to do it simply by seeing a photo of the completed shelf. One could use a sewing machine & it would probably go even faster… I just used fabric glue.
(Forgive the iPhone photos.)

1) I got a couple yards of my selected fabric (cotton blend) & some interfacing for the inside. I cut the fabric & interfacing in half (since I was making 2 shelves) and laid the interfacing in the middle of the printed fabric. This was to help make it sturdier. Then I secured it with Tacky Spray.

2) Glue (or sew) along outside edges to finish off the sides, then fold top & bottom in half towards the center. Place dowel rods in before gluing, so as to not seal the ends shut. Glue together fabric along edges & center to secure both sides of shelf.

3) Voila! Bring the dowels together & you have yourself a book pocket/shelf. Ready to hang. I think both of them took me about 45 minutes total!

4) Now for the hanging… we scoured the hardware aisle of Lowe's, to no avail. Finally we looked in the draperies section & found exactly what we needed. I can't find a pic online right now, as Lowe's site is down… but you can get an idea from my picture. It's a double curtain bracket - so we're able to lift out the front panel if need be, in order to see the books better.

I'm so happy with the results! I think Levi is too. He loves having all his books within his grasp - rather than up high, on a shelf. And I love the unique look.

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meganmk said...

They look awesome! I toyed with the idea of making these last Spring, but it never got to the top of my to do list. Perhaps I should bump it up. :) Kudos to you!!