Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well, 6 days and counting!

It's kind of a strange thing, knowing the day you'll be giving birth. One day we're a family of three… the next day - boom! There will be four. Everyone keeps asking if I'm ready. How do I answer that? Am I ready for major surgery? No. I'm a total wimp. Am I ready for all the new-ness again, of figuring out how to handle two babies? Not really. I have the one down pretty good… how do you add another into the mix? On the other hand, am I ready to hold our baby girl? You better believe it! Am I ready to see what she looks like & to have her on the outside & to get to know her? Yes Yes YES! Am I ready to see the little person for whom God has chosen us to be parents? I can hardly wait. In fact, I'm really glad we don't have to wait another 3 weeks!

I lay in bed & wonder… Will she like pink & ruffles & ballet & sugar as much as I do?

Will she have similar interests?

Will she like the things I like?

Or will she be completely different?

The truth is, I just can't wait to see her unfold before my eyes. The truth is, it won't matter who she is or what she likes. I'll love her just the same.
Which is immeasurably.

Am I ready to be forever changed?

The answer is YES.

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Abby said...

Aww love this post! She is one lucky little girl! :) Just 6 days, I can't believe it. So exciting!