Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Brother, The Cowboy

On Saturday I ventured out to the ranch, where my brother works on the weekends. Horses are his passion. One day he'll own his own ranch & look out on all his land, coffee in one hand, guitar in the other, and breathe a sigh of contentment. Everyone who works at Marshall Creek is as sweet as can be. I walked all around, snapping some photos of the horses while I waited for Greg to get back from his ride. He was riding Patron that day. Apropos name, as he bucked my brother off when he first rode him. Twice. Since my brother is the horse whisperer though, they've made peace & are now friends. I also got to meet two of Tommy Lee Jones' former horses, Texas and Kahlua. I hope to go back sometime soon, when they let all the horses out of their stalls at the same time, to roam free for a couple days. There's just something majestic & awe inspiring about horses. (Especially when you hear someone yell, 'Watch out!', and turn around to see one charging for you.)

I love spending time with people who are doing their favorite thing.
Especially when it's my favorite people.

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Andrew Williams said...

Hey, Lisa. This is such a great piece about your brother (and my buddy) Greg. And the photos are terrific! I've known him a good fifteen, twenty years now, and count myself lucky. And he keeps me well informed about his family, and his little buddy/nephews.