Monday, January 17, 2011

So we had an interesting turn of events this weekend. Matt started feeling crummy on Saturday... low grade fever, just not himself. His parents were coming over to babysit because we had plans to join some friends for a birthday party. I was looking forward to this night out - time with Matt, SMOKE, friends... what more could a pregnant woman want? Well Matt doesn't get sick very often, so when he wasn't feeling well we decided it was best to stay home. Thanks to Cynthia and her yummy potato soup, we had a nice dinner after all.

We went to bed per usual, and Matt got up about midnight to take more Tylenol. Then I heard a huge thud that woke me from a dead sleep & while trying to figure out what it was, I heard Matt moaning & stumbling around. He came back to the bedroom & said he'd just blacked out. At this point he stumbled to the bed but fell again, hitting his head against his bed side table & splitting his forehead open. It was terrifying. I wasn't sure what was happening or why... or what I needed to do for him. He crawled into bed & I tried to stop the bleeding - luckily it wasn't a typical head wound that wouldn't stop gushing. (I probably would have called 911, had that been the case.) My mind was racing - do I call someone to come watch Levi so I can take Matt to the ER? He didn't want to go. I should have forced the issue. I know now for next time. All I wanted to do was make sure he was ok & that whatever had caused him to pass out wasn't going to happen again. Anyway - long story short, he has a pretty nasty gash on his head, that should have been looked at immediately. But, he seems completely fine now & has promised me he'll make an appointment with his doctor this week to have a physical. Hopefully it was just a combination of dehydration & getting up from bed too quickly. I was reminded (again) how precious our health is & how often we take it (and each other) for granted. I also realized I do much better at being the patient, than the caretaker - in an emergency situation. Something I hopefully won't have to practice much more in the future. So thankful it wasn't any worse than it was. I have one tough guy.

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Ryan, Stephanie, Sam and Buster said...

Yikes-how scary! Glad Matt seems to be doing better!

Jennifer Christy said...

That is so scary! Hope he is all better now.