Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is a date I'll never forget. It's the day we found out you were a GIRL baby! We waited & waited for the doctor to take all his measurements of you. Then finally he got to the 'important' part! He started typing it out so we could see it on the screen... it was like a movie & in slow-motion. "I'M... A... GIRL!" Of course I cried & Daddy held my hand. I didn't realize how badly I wanted you to be a girl, until we knew. We are blessed beyond measure.
It's funny... I don't remember there being a big 'today we're going to find out' day with Levi. We had so many sonograms & it came out early on that the sonographer thought it was a boy... then it was just confirmed as we went along I guess, like we always knew. But this time, we were scheduled to see the neonatologist on Tuesday & knew that he'd be able to tell us. There was so much anticipation! I had been feeling all along that you were a little girl baby. I think your great grandmothers were sending me signs. Which makes sense, since you'll be named after them.

Georgia Cate Montgomery

You're not only named after them, but you'll share initials with your PaPa & your Uncle Greg. (Lucky you, we didn't name you Grover!)

You're already so loved & you're only 18 weeks inside! You received a couple Christmas gifts this year... in the hopes that you'd in fact be a girl & be able to use them! (Your Nana & Aunt Val just couldn't help themselves.)

And... the sweetest little stocking cap for you to wear when you're born:
Features a blue doily hand tatted by Ms. Marion Wilson
of Michigan, who has been making these timeless creations for 75 years. Snip the doily from the hat for your daughter’s “Something Blue” on her wedding day. A true heirloom.

Now we know for sure & I can't wait for all that is waiting for you baby girl. The most important, being a family who loves you more than you'll ever know. You'll have the best big brother ever. I know he'll watch over you & take care of you. It's in his nature. And you'll fall in love with each other as soon as you see one another. It's the nature of our family.

Happiest ever everything baby Georgia Cate!
I love you,


Sarah said...

What a great name! xoxo

Michelle Garza said...

Such a sweet post and great news. Congrats mama!

Abby said...

Beautiful name :) So so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you, Matt and Levi! She is a lucky lady to join such a great family. The name is perfect, love it! Prayers for Mom & Baby Georgia Cate, Sandra